“Myasoopttorg” Company in Khabarovsk Launches a Meat-Processing Plant

The press agency “Khabarovsk Today” reports that ООО “Myasoopttorg” launched a meat-processing plant with the capacity of 3,500 products per year.

This new production facility doesn’t use any freezing. The meat is transported to the refrigerating chamber directly from the slaughterhouse. The production area of about 1,700 sq. m includes facilities for the production of minced meat, pelmeni, sausages, as well as a sausage filling facility, smoke house and wash house. All products are made of chilled raw meat.

After the plant’s launch, the capacity of the processing assets of ООО “Myasoopttorg” increased by 40%, and 30 additional jobs were created in the city. The volume of investments in this project is 50 mln rubles.

Currently, the product range of ООО “Myasoopttorg” includes 58 brands produced for the regional market. The plant has been granted the third compartment of biosafety which is very important during the unstable epizootic situation due to the African swine fever in the region.

According to the company’s CEO, Evgeniy Shestuke, the plant was put into operation a little later than initially planned due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it is working at its full capacity, and this is a very happy occasion for the company.

Source/Источник: www.meatinfo.ru