GO sustainable!, the motto of SEALPAC’s trade show appearance at Anuga FoodTec 2024, is more relevant than ever, as resource-saving packaging systems are in great demand within the food industry. At the event in Cologne, Germany, the packaging expert, and leading manufacturer of high-tech traysealers and thermoformers, will be presentingRead More →

by Dr Richard Parmee, CEO of X-ray inspection technology pioneer Sapphire Inspection Systems End-of-line inspection is a crucial element of any food processing facility – ensuring that each and every product leaving the factory is of the same high standard. Whether it involves making sure bags of chicken nuggets areRead More →

The slice compactness depends on several factors: Injections and additivationMeat pHTenderizing – maceratingMassaging – tumblersMoldingCookingRepressing and coolingDemolding, pasteurizing and maturingSlicing system Injections and AdditivationThe additivation affects yields, that is to say the water quantity you can add on a stable basis, but also the protein extraction. The additivation includes alsoRead More →

In the food industry, it’s essential to carefully control the temperature of perishable goods throughout production, transportation, storage, and sales. Repeated warnings about illnesses due to tainted and improperly cooked foods highlight the need for tighter process control. Because this almost always involves a human factor, food processors need toolsRead More →

An upstart Canadian company looks to the success of the micro-beer industry to disrupt commodity meat through a unique closed-loop supply chain and their affordable plant designs. Janus Solutions hopes to bring more control back to livestock producers while providing more choice to meat consumers with “micro-meats”. The Calgary, CanadaRead More →

The market for products based on alternative proteins is booming. Whether flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan, more and more people are choosing these foods for reasons of sustainability. What could be more obvious than to also opt for a more sustainable solution when looking for the right packaging? Here is aRead More →

Polish company Starmeat invests in leading-edge meat separation systems AM2C Beluga and Barracuda from Provisur Technologies Starmeat, headquartered in Koluszki, Poland, is one of the most modern poultry processing plants in the world. Thanks to the use of sophisticated production equipment and rigorous quality control, the company serves a globalRead More →

The challenges of injection (process) The precision of the injection and along with it the quality of the product mainly depend on the following factors: the brine composition and conveyance process and the composition of the piece of meat/fish. This problem is a challenging task for the manufacturers of injectors.Read More →

Although Russian market shows a slowdown of consumer prices of meat and meat products which is largely related to the drop of the population’s incomes, Russian pork supply to foreign markets has doubled in the last nine months. This information was provided by Yuriy Kovaliov, Head of the National UnionRead More →

Meeting Consumer Demand for High Quality, Clean Ingredient, Humanely-Raised, Organic Charcuterie Reunion Foods announces the launch of its organic Charcuterie lines; artisanal slow-dried salamis in both pre-sliced and mini chubs formats. In addition to being certified organic and Non-GMO, Reunion salamis are made from pork that is certified by theRead More →