Meet the Packaging Experts at Anuga FoodTec 2024: SEALPAC Presents its Full Range of Highly Efficient Traysealers and Thermoformers, from Semi-Automatic Solutions with Smallest Footprint to High-Output Lines

GO sustainable!, the motto of SEALPAC’s trade show appearance at Anuga FoodTec 2024, is more relevant than ever, as resource-saving packaging systems are in great demand within the food industry. At the event in Cologne, Germany, the packaging expert, and leading manufacturer of high-tech traysealers and thermoformers, will be presenting contemporary solutions. Whether it concerns high-performance lines or entry-level concepts, at stand C40/D41 in hall 9 the trade visitors will find innovative packaging machines that set the tone with their particularly economical use of materials and energy.

SEALPAC’s all-round, semi-automatic M-Flex traysealer

Aluminium and stainless-steel containers in GastroNorm (GN) format, which are used by artisan butcher shops, suppliers of out-of-home meals, and community caterers, can now be sealed under modified atmosphere in a highly efficient manner. With its new, semi-automatic M-Flex traysealer, SEALPAC enables these companies with smaller production volumes and frequent product changes to enter the professional world of tray-sealing.

The M-Flex traysealer takes up little space and can be used for various applications, formats, and materials. At the SEALPAC stand in Cologne, visitors will experience semiautomatic packaging at the example of the innovative FlatSkin® application, which uses a high proportion of fibre and as little plastic as possible, as well as modified atmosphere packaging of standard plastic trays. They can convince themselves of the user-friendly operation and flexibility of the SEALPAC M-Flex. Its tooling quick exchange system enables product changeovers with minimum downtime.

A6max traysealer: resource-saving packaging with optimal appearance

SEALPAC will prove at the trade fair that fresh food products, such as minced meat, can be packaged safely and in a resource-saving way, yet still be presented appetizingly, on any Amax-series traysealer. Based on a SEALPAC A6max, you will see that the trays are reliably sealed under MAP at highest speeds. This is done using ultra-light trays in an optimized format of 190 x 144 mm. The weight of these trays has been reduced by up to 20% compared to conventional plastic trays. The solution not only saves materials, but it also offers logistical advantages thanks to the standardized format. The ultra-light trays can be easily stacked and will present any product in an appetizing and attractive way on the retail shelves, whilst keeping those shelves neat and tidy.

The Amax-series traysealers are characterized by their particularly low-wear and low-maintenance design. They are driven by high-quality servomotors that allow for extremely smooth production runs, unrivalled in the market until today. As a standard, any Amax traysealer is equipped with the so-called EnergyManager module, which minimizes energy consumption. Naturally, these innovative machines are also suitable for producing hybrid packaging concepts with a reduced plastic and high cardboard content, such as eTray®, FlatMap® or FlatSkin®.

SEALPAC PRO thermoformer: highly compact, extremely flexible
Also within SEALPAC’s portfolio of high-quality thermoformers, the focus is on combining flexibility and performance with improved sustainability and less usage of resources. At Anuga FoodTec, SEALPAC is demonstrating the highly efficient packaging of piece goods, such as cheese blocks, under MAP in a bio-compostable, flexible film on an extremely compact PRO-series thermoformer with large loading area. The PRO thermoformers are characterized by their unmatched modular design, making them ideal for small to medium-sized food manufacturers. The basic PRO machine is suitable to run flexible and rigid film, both for vacuum packaging and sealing only applications. Depending on your wishes, various modules can be added to run other packaging solutions, such as skin packaging (ThermoSkin®) or shrink packaging (ShrinkStyle®).

SEALPAC RE thermoformer: highest standards in hygiene
At Anuga FoodTec 2024, SEALPAC is presenting its proven RE-series thermoformer with a newly developed frame construction and optimized design that meets the highest hygienic standards of the most demanding food segments, such as the dairy sector. The highly flexible RE thermoformer is designed for medium to high-performance applications. It offers maximum versatility, as multiple packaging solutions can be managed on the same base machine. From flexible film vacuum, skin, shrink and MAP applications, up to modern solutions based on recyclable mono-materials or films with a high fibre content. In Cologne, the RE thermoformer will be producing striking packs made from a demanding, mono-PP rigid film. The packs are equipped with SEALPAC’s unique EasyPeelPoint opening system, which is less subjective to cold sealing, common in existing thermoformer applications.

Packaging innovations that inspire
Our Supermarket of Innovations has become an integral part of the SEALPAC stand at any trade show presence. This time, we will have no less than six refrigerators filled with an abundance of international product samples. Make sure to look at this exciting selection of brand-new, creative packaging concepts from all over the world, which will inspire any expert.