The Meat Processing Plant in Agin District Will Start Producing Meat Products and Sausages

After almost three years of temporary shutdown, one of the largest meat processing plants in Agin district started working again from June 2020

According to the plant’s general manager Danil Adajinov, they plan to gradually launch all production facilities which will produce a wide range of products.

“Currently, we offer services on industrial slaughtering. By requests of households and people, we visit the corresponding site and slaughter cattle, sheep and horses. In the near future, we plan to produce canned meat and sausages,” Danil Alajinov said.

In 2020, the meat processing plants in Agin-Buryat district produced 681.4 tonnes of beef, 59.0 tonnes of lamb and 22.7 tonnes of horse meat, which is by 535.3 tonnes more than last year.

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