The Republic of Bashkortostan: The Agricultural Production Co-Operative “Bakaly” Produces 30 Brands of Sausages

The Ministry of Agriculture of Bashkortostan reports that recently, the agricultural production co-operative “Bakaly” established in the administrative centre of the Bakalinsky district has celebrated an anniversary of the sausage department opening.

The meat processing line was acquired and installed with the funding by the owners of local farms and private subsidiary farms and with government grant of 3 mln roubles under the income-generating project programme (IPP). As a result, the company closed its production cycle.

Now the company produces 30 brands of sausages. As of year-end 2020, the output volume was 65 tonnes, while the revenues from sales to the population of Bakalinsky district were more than 22 mln roubles.

The Ministry also reported that more than 13% of all Russian agricultural production co-operatives were established in Bashkortostan. Over the past three years, 360 agricultural production co-operatives were established in Bashkortostan making this republic number one in farming and co-operative development in the country. The IPP program was launched in 2018 and will continue throughout 2021. The public subsidies will be used for the deep processing of raw materials provided by the local producers.

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