Medvedev will Hold a Meeting on Fish Processing and Meet with the Governor of Murmansk

According to the public affairs office, Dmitriy Medvedev, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, will hold a meeting in Murmansk on the fish processing industry and meet with the region’s governor Marina Kovtun on Friday.
Among the participants in the meeting will be Arkadiy Dvorkovich, Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Alexander Beglov, Ambassador in the Northwestern Federal District, Alexander Tkachev, Minister of Agriculture, managers of the relevant agencies, regions, industry organizations and enterprises. In addition, the Prime Minister will visit the fish processing plant ООО “Polyarnoe More +” Fish Company.

The fish catch in the Russian Federation was record high in 2017 – 4.9 million tonnes. In 2018, it is expected to be 5 million tonnes. The investment volume on investment quotas in the fishing industry is estimated to be around 140 billion rubles in the next five years, said Ilya Shestakov, Head of the Federal Agency for Fishery on his February meeting with Medvedev. The Prime Minister said on that meeting that the investment quotas program for the fishing industry must be successfully completed.

According to the data of the Federal Agency for Fishery, in March 2018, the fishing cargo turnover in the Murmansk harbour was 43,000 tonnes, which was almost three times higher than the last year’s turnover. That cargo turnover growth was due to the high catching of capelin in the Barents Sea.

The set of actions taken by the Murmansk fishing harbour for increasing the vessel service quality led to almost double unloading speed. The total number of the fishing vessels that moored in the harbour in March was 73. The leader in the unofficial naval competition was once again “FRIO Vladivostok” which delivered 9.4 ths tonnes of fish in three voyages. The first quarter of this year also saw an increase in the total cargo turnover of the harbour by 11.3% versus the same period of the last year.