Kursk Meat Processing Plant Prepares to Launch a Head Deboning Line

Kursk Meat Processing Plant (a part of the “AgroPromkomplektacia” Holding Group) is expanding its production capacity and prepares to open a new field of activity, i.e. pig head deboning line. The new line will allow the plant to get up to 36% of raw meat from each head, which can be used in different production areas and delivered to the market.
“We are currently pre-commissioning the new head deboning line”, said Denis Bartenev, Deputy Director of ООО “Kursk Meat Processing Plant”. “After the commissioning of the new line, we will begin processing 100% of the available raw materials”, he added.

“The head deboning line is semi-automatic”, explained Alla Bondar, Chief Process Engineer of Kursk Meat Processing Plant. “If the deboning is performed manually, it leads to small production volumes and low quality and output. The modern equipment will allow us to significantly optimize this process and increase the efficiency of labour. We will achieve a guaranteed high quality of products and steady output volumes. Our product range includes pig head meat with or without skin, trimming, temporal meat, cheeks, snouts, etc. The head deboning products are needed not only for own production but for the market distribution as well”, she added.

“Another advantage of the new equipment is that it doesn’t require the operators to be highly skilled at complicated deboning. Each operator will be responsible for a specific operation which will not cause any difficulties in the technical performance”, also said Alla Bondar.


Source: www.kursk.meatinfo.ru