The FCA/AHL/ASL-R line offers to the producers of clipped and looped products a continuous automation, i.e. a fully automated, optimal synchronized production process consisting of: emulsion processing equipment – filling machine loading – clipping unit – hanging line – smoke trolley loading – thermal processing/drying installation


With the Automatic Sausage Loader (ASL-R) the system provider Poly-clip System is expanding its product range with a further important component in the process chain for automated sausage production. The innovative ASL-R loads smoke trolleys in multi-shift operation automatically, continuously and precisely. In direct conjunction with the AHL/ASL-R Automatic Hanging Line and the latest FCA Series Automatic Double Clippers, the ASL-R safely and reliably takes over the loaded smoke sticks and continuously positions them in the smoke trolley.

The positioning of the smoke sticks is fully automatic and independent of operators in multi-shift operation, and thus meets all the requirements for more efficient production. The ASL-R operates continuously and achieves 6 positionings per minute, i.e. up to 9,000 kg per hour at an average loading weight of 25 kg per smoke stick. Further influential factors are portion size, continuous logistics and avoidance of interruptions through preparation periods.


In terms of product and diameter area, its range of use corresponds to the AHL/FCA line with calibres of up to 100 mm at a product and chain length of up to 650/880 mm. The AHL is designed for this automation line with a manual or as an option automatic rear stick loader. With this production performance and productivity per m² the Automatic Sausage Loader achieves a new record, and stands for uninterrupted high-performance smoke trolley loading in sausage production.

Its mode of functioning is highly efficient. A so-called smoke trolley docking station ensures that two standard smoke trolleys are precisely positioned in front of the ASL R to take over the smoke stick. In a fixed position it takes over the filled smoke stick from AHL’s discharge buffer and positions it precisely in the standard smoke trolley. If the first smoke trolley is full the next one is automatically loaded – that is uninterrupted production.

So that in the automation process and with an optimised flow of materials the full savings potential can be utilised, Poly-clip System offers customised planning that takes into consideration the local circumstances and individual requirements. Customised integration into systems of production planning and operational-data capture is possible. Inclusion of the ACTUAL situation is thus provided for, as well as support from a build up and commissioning team and accompaniment for a defined start-up period in production.

With its further advantages the ASL-R can totally fall back on Poly-clip System’s quality standards. Its ergonomic operation using SAFETY TOUCH with retrievable product parameters for maximum productivity and user friendliness comes in handy. The ASL-R’s hygienic design with its protective covering with internal pressure in conformity with food law guarantees easy cleaning. Great value was also placed on low maintenance technology, guaranteeing maximum reliability and service life.

Poly-clip System is the world’s leading provider of clip systems.