Handtmann will be presenting future-proof technology to the visitors. Process solutions, whose flexibility, global range of applications and suitability for use in a variety of industries will be on display. Also a variety of automation solutions for the processing of food will be presented, particularly with regard to traditional and modern meat products.

The interface between portioning process and packaging solution provides tremendous potential for increased efficiency in industrial meat processing. Handtmann meets the challenges of the food industry to bring hygienic and food-save packaged products and product innovations to market, with solutions that entirely fulfil the requirement of both impeccable hygiene and maximum process reliability. Basis for reliable synchronisation of several process steps is the Handtmann control. It controls, monitors and links complex systems. The display allows operators to centrally control and monitor all the functions with simple operating logic based on Windows. The Handtmann Communication Unit software optionally allows for analysis, planning and control of production data with a single click.

At the Agroprodmash, Handtmann will exhibit versatile solutions. In contrast to manual portioning, the automatic cutting and portioning solution comprising High Vacuum Filler HVF 664 with cutting valve SV 424 ensures maximum economic efficiency: serial portioning of fresh meat, raw fruit and vegetable salads, vegetables or pieces of ham directly into moulds, trays or thermo-forming machines without pre-batching. Manual portioning is replaced by an automatic turnkey solution!

 HVF 664 with SV 424

Minced meat production including portioning, separating and depositing is another end-to-end yet highly flexible automation process. This is because the Handtmann minced meat portioning line provides an interface for depositing both into trays and thermo-forming machines. The turnkey solution for reliable and economical minced meat production from portioning precise to the gram to reliable depositing into trays: Handtmann vacuum filler with GMD 99—2 minced meat portioner, in perfect synchronisation with INTRAY Easy Loader minced meat depositor.

Minced meat portioning line

The new fully-automatic Handtmann PVLH 246 AL system facilitates a completely new level of productivity. The state-of-the-art technology of a linking unit with revolver and 3 nozzles ensures extremely short casing change times of less than 2 seconds. While one nozzle is in filling position, new casing can be spooled onto the other. Either fully-automatic with a casing magazine for artificial and collagen casings or manual for natural casings. The reliable system ensures maximum accuracy in terms of weights and lengths and efficient product placement on the hanging unit. A large calibre range and the processing of all types of casing and sausage meat complete the outstanding features of the PVLH 246: maximum output of up to 2,500 portions per minute in the calibre range 13 to 50 mm and portion lengths from 25 mm. PVLH 246 AL system, the latest development from Handtmann, provides the following technical and economic benefits: reliable work process through centring of the linking nozzle with every automatic spooling operation and precise slug guiding.

PVLH 246 AL system

With its progressive range, Handtmann offers precisely those modular system solutions with the necessary product quality and flexibility to give producers a decisive advantage in the market.