The Food Engineers make the Food for Tomorrow Possible

From an Alginate Casing that Sticks to a Vegan Frankfurter, to Nitrite-Free Bacon and Vegan Cheese that Tastes Like the Real Deal: Vaess Presents the Latest Food Innovations @ IFFA 2022
The food innovation sector will get together at Frankfurt am Main’s famous IFFA trade show on May 14, 2022. Among the attendees, we will find Vaess (former Vaessen-Schoemaker), also known as the dutch food engineers, presenting the next generation of food innovation. From the first truly tasty vegan cheese to a vegan frankfurter with alginate casing that can be cooked twice.

According to the dutch food engineers, the bigger the challenge, the better. Here’s a sneak peek of their latest inventions.

Vaess innovates the industry with the food of tomorrow
Vaess is continuously looking for new ways to improve food products and optimize processes. Market-aware as they are, they continually engineer innovative concepts that fit the ever-changing food habits and consumer needs, such as home delivery trends and a craving for more sustainable products.

This year, Vaess presents a few ground-breaking innovations that respond directly to these new consumer needs. They will deliver solutions such as nitrite-free bacon (healthier), phosphate-free chicken that stays juicy even after a 30-minute home delivery trip, and tasty vegan cheese in all shapes and sizes. And what about meat that has no drip loss when sent to retail under defrost?

How to present meat alternatives in an exhibition focusing on meat?
“At Vaess, we believe that meat and vegan can go hand in hand.“ Says Coen van Oorschot, Commercial Director at Vaess. “There’s simply no other way: consumers want options. With 75 years of experience in the meat industry, Vaess knows better than anyone which properties a good vegan alternative needs. And besides that, we will be there to help the meat industry with their big challenges; especially the supply chain with home delivery and selling under defrost needs our help. At IFFA, you’ll see us present the answer to that and a vegan variant of snack sticks with a long (ambient) shelf-life, for example. But we’ll be also looking further ahead and letting visitors taste insect burgers and challenge everyone to taste the difference between the 100% vegan Cordon bleu and the original!“

Live demonstrations, tasting challenges, insect burgers and more surprises…
Vaessen-Schoemaker (1946) rebranded in 2021 to Vaess and is ready to take the IFFA stage with a brand-new branding. With over 75 years of experience in food tech and a young, ambitious and creative team, Vaess is able to surprise the industry each time they exhibit at IFFA. At least than eight revolutionary food innovations are to be presented this year. Visitors can expect a live demonstration of alginate casings on a vegan frankfurter and unique meat substitutes such as a high-protein insect burger.

And with a bit of luck, you’ll get to taste the juiciest chicken ever.