„Go Sustainable!“ with SEALPAC at IFFA 2022: POWERFUL, Flexible and Efficient Traysealers and Thermoformers for Resource-Saving Packaging Concepts

As one of the first leading trade fairs, IFFA 2022, the world’s largest event for everything to do with meat and alternative proteins, will open its doors again from May 14th to 19th in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. SEALPAC made optimal use of the break caused by the Corona pandemic to further develop its traysealers and thermoformers, as well as modern packaging solutions. Under its motto “GO sustainable!”, the company presents a whole range of innovative technologies and concepts for food packaging, which address the global contemporary requirements for more sustainability at retail.

Sustainable packaging, reliably processed
At the SEALPAC stand, trade fair visitors can experience the latest packaging solutions based on three traysealers and two thermoformers. These solutions increasingly rely on monomaterials for improved recycling, are characterized by reduced film consumption, and process alternative materials such as paper into safe and attractive packaging. Among other things, SEALPAC will present a complete line for the production of the resource-saving FlatMap® packaging concept for sliced products, based on a minimum amount of plastic and a high proportion of cardboard. The company will also demonstrate a thermoforming solution for high-speed packaging of burgers in recyclable film, as well as its brand-new, extremely modular PRO thermoformer. Another highlight at the SEALPAC stand will be the ability to take a journey along international packaging trends. At its “Supermarket of innovations“, SEALPAC and its scouts have tracked down the latest trends around the world that will inspire trade fair guests with creative packaging ideas.

SEALPAC Amax traysealer
With the launch of the Amax-series, SEALPAC is setting new standards in terms of performance in tray-sealing. These traysealers, which can be operated intuitively and have a particularly low-wear and low-maintenance design, are driven by high-quality servomotors that ensure an extremely smooth packaging process. Depending on the application, the output of these machines can now be up to 50% higher. The integrated Energy Manager ensures minimum energy usage, whilst applying servo technology reduces the air consumption by up to 90 percent.

Each model within the SEALPAC Amax-series demonstrates maximum flexibility and is capable of producing a wide variety of packaging concepts, including particularly innovative solutions that stand for more resource conservation. They reliably process new types of film made from sustainable materials, as well as hybrid packaging concepts with a reduced plastic and high cardboard content, such as eTray® or FlatMap®. Last but not least, the Amax traysealers are perfectly suitable for handling ultra-light trays, the weight of which has been reduced by 25 percent compared to conventional trays.

The intelligent drive management of the SEALPAC Amax traysealer reduces the maintenance effort and thus ensures optimal availability at all times. All in all, the new series stands for particular efficiency and economical energy consumption, whilst producing highly attractive primary packaging that will boost sales.

SEALPAC PRO thermoformer
Also within SEALPAC’s portfolio of highly flexible thermoformers, the focus will be on improved sustainability and resource conservation. These innovative machines reliably process all standard materials, including the new, recyclable rigid and flexible films made from monoPP, as well as innovations such as paper-based film. Each thermoformer stands for first-class properties in packaging design, hermetic sealing and user-friendly opening behavior.

At IFFA 2022, the expert audience will be able to witness the launch of the new PRO thermoformer, which offers unmatched compactness, flexibility, modularity, and efficiency. This thermoformer can be easily configured to the customer’s specific needs. It starts with the basic PRO machine, which is suitable to run flexible and rigid film for vacuum packaging and sealing only applications. Depending on the customer’s wishes, various modules can be added to run other packaging solutions, such as the MAP module for modified atmosphere packaging, the ThermoSkin® module for skin packaging and the ShrinkStyle® module for shrink packaging. Add-ons are also available for heavy products and wet & crumbly products. If the customer plans to connect the PRO thermoformer to its factory software, the Connectivity module can be selected.

The PRO thermoformer is perfectly suited for a wide range of products in varying outputs. If desired, customers are able to run all different packaging systems, be it vacuum, skin, shrink or modified atmosphere packaging, on the same base machine. Switching from one concept to another is made easy with a variety of exchange systems, such as the standard side exchange for the bottom tool in the forming and sealing station. If required, even the film width can be changed in the future.

SEALPAC is exhibiting at IFFA 2022 in hall 11.0, standD11.