Taking Drying to New Levels

Ocean Excellence is taking the opportunity at this year’s European Seafood Exposition to introduce its new design of modular fish drying units, a containerised processing system that offers flexibility in layout as well as capacity. Drying has long been an important part of Iceland’s fish processing heritage, and Icelanders have dried fish for domestic consumers and also exported to various European and African markets.

In recent years Icelandic producers have rapidly developed the business of drying fish into a sophisticated process, replacing drying outside on wooden trestles with indoor drying in air-controlled and air-conditioned environments. The new modular drying system is based on experience derived from this development, in which outstanding success has been achieved in reducing the energy cost of the drying process.

Taking into account integrated processing and storage costs, drying is one of the most cost-effective methods of processing and preserving food throughout the entire value chain. In the case of our system this effectiveness is enhanced by applying cutting edge technology, air-to-air heat transfer technology to recycle the energy used in the drying process.

Building on the ‘turn waste into value’ initiative launched by the Icelandic Ocean Cluster, Ocean Excellence focuses on transferring technology from Iceland to other fishing nations, by offering methodology and expertise designed to maximise the economic benefits when processing by-catch or by-products. The Ocean Excellence modular drying system is developed in co-operation with partners Mannvit, Samey, Haustak and the Icelandic Ocean Cluster. 

Ocean Excellence will be present at stand 6127, Hall 4, throughout the European Seafood Exposition