Drying Solution for Small and Midsize Operations

The Ocean Excellence Modular Drying Units are designed for flexibility and scalability. The base unit is a 40” reefer container unit. The basic configuration, 1 + x is a one equipment unit that can serve up to three drying units. In order to meet the demands of smaller scale operations there is an “S” unit combining equipment and drying in one container.


The Ocean Excellence Modular Drying Units represent a breakthrough in manufacturing of food grade drying units. With the help of the process control system the drying process can be adjusted and monitored to ensure optimal drying speed and product quality. This solution is a part of the OE solution range, based on years of experience in designing and building drying plants.

Key benefits

  • Computer controlled system enabling different drying profiles
  • Low operating cost (close to that of larger plants)
  • Remote monitoring through satellite or GSM, enabling fault analysis and preventive maintenance
  • Operational reliability 