REX-Technologie –Vacuum Filler & Portioning Systems

Vacuum filler 700 series – Innovation & Perfection set new standards

The RVF 700 series has been developed to meet the requirements of the meat processing industry as well as and larger, sometimes highly specialised operating units. The housing, with its smooth and hygienic design, is self-supporting and is made entirely of stainless steel to ensure efficient cleaning. The conveyor system has been designed in such a way that water can flow out of the feed system during the cleaning process.

The infeed systems ensure accurate portioning with maximum service life. At the same time, all fillers are gently transported – i.e. without crushing, squeezing or tearing. The sectional view is clear and there are minimal air pockets in the meat. The vane cell feed system is available with 14, 12 or 8 vanes, or alternate versions 14 and 12 are also available with blind vanes. Thanks to the newly developed lifting device, the hopper of the RVF 700 can be filled easily and without any mess. The hopper is available in different sizes (250 and/or 350 litres). The RVF 700 can always be equipped with a drive unit for the grinder due to the large machine stand.

AKS 65M – Industrial sausage production

Fully automatic casing change for all artificial and collagen casings
The linking and hanging technology from REX-Technologie stands for maximum flexibility. The process solution is innovative with the highest productivity and flexibility for all sausages. Regardless of whether you are processing natural, synthetic or collagen casings, the hanging systems fill with exact portions at maximum speed.

The filling process is carried out by the REX vacuum filler. The product is gently conveyed via the vane cell conveyor and the residual air is evacuated to the maximum. This is the basis for the product quality of your sausages.

Displacement system defines the portion length
The continuous vacuum filler fills the product into the casing. The displacement system defines the exact calibration point and, together with the highly dynamic REX servo drive, ensures an equal length and maximum production output. Piece counts of over 2,500 pieces/minute are possible with artificial and collagen casings and up to 1,000 portions/minute with natural casings – always depending on the respective sausage length and diameter.

Calibration belts ensure exact lengths
The concept is completed by the two calibration belts that follow the displacer system. They can be easily adjusted to the calibre range by turning the two adjustment screws. This always ensures flexible use for all casing types with different casing diameters. In addition, set-up times are reduced to a minimum. The traversing movement and belt speed are automatically regulated by the easy to use touch screen system on the vacuum filler.