31 Danish Companies Present Sustainable Solutions at Seafood Processing Global 2023

Danish companies will showcase solutions and technologies optimizing food safety, efficiency and sustainability at Seafood Processing Global 2023

Sustainability is a key word for Danish companies joining Pavilion of Denmark at Seafood Processing Global (SPG) 2023 in Barcelona.

31 companies will be ready in Hall 3 showcasing new technologies and solutions targeted respectively towards the fish and shellfish processing, aquaculture and fisheries segments.

“Spain is an important hub for the fishing industry in Europe, and Spain as a market represents potential for Danish suppliers of technology, solutions and equipment to the fishing industry. The SPG exhibition gathers decisionmakers and stakeholders from the entire international fishing industry, making the exhibition attractive for Danish suppliers” says Martin Winkel Lilleoere, Head of Danish Export – Fish Tech (Danish Export Association), organizer of Pavilion of Denmark at SPG.

Sustainable front runners
Solutions presented at SPG will for instance include equipment and machinery for handling and processing of both fish and shellfish, freezing solutions, hygienic transport band solutions, analytical equipment, equipment for transformation of fish by-products and smart packaging solutions. The Pavilion of Denmark will also present solutions for re-use of packaging contributing to the circular economy of the fishing industry.

Danish company Beck Pack Systems, producing packaging for the frozen fish industry have been part of Pavilion of Denmark many times presenting their core product, The Beck Liner. The company has an increased focus on sustainability and bringing green solutions to the exhibition.

“The product has basically been the same for years, and we’ve gained market shares because of the quality of the product. Sustainability is also a growing focus for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that we are frontrunners regarding sustainability in an international perspective. Our product is biodegradable, and we are currently working on finding ways to recycle our used products. In that process we are working together with several partners in different industries all over the world,” says Jesper Kjøller, Sales Manager at Beck Pack Systems.

Nothing goes to waste

Danish companies also bring a strong focus on circular thinking to SPG. One of the exhibitors who basically base their business on this is Haarslev who manufactures machinery for processing fish waste and by-products from the fish processing industry.

The machinery from Haarslev ensures that the entire fish can be used for fish meal or fish oil, and therefore, sustainability is in the DNA of the company and its products.

“Innovation is key for us, and we constantly work to develop our machinery to provide a more energy efficient solution for our customers. And even more importantly we want to optimize the machinery to make the process faster and more efficient and thereby enhance the quality of the end products,” says Paul Falconer, Marketing and Event Coordinator at Haarslev.

Pavilion of Denmark gathers solutions for the entire value chain

The focus of SPG has traditionally been on the fish and shellfish processing industry, but in recent years focus have expanded to cover the entire value chain of the fishing industry. The aquaculture and fisheries industries have received increasing attention at SPG, covering technology, solutions and equipment for the industries, such as pumps for gentle transfer of fish and solutions for optimized water treatment and handling at aquaculture facilities.