Priority Development Area “Mikhaylovsky” has received an approval by the Governmental Commission of Ministry for Development of Russian Far East chaired by the Authorized Representative of the President of the Far East – Mr. Yury Trutnev. 

The commission meeting took place on 28th April in Vladivostok. The meeting was attended by the Head of Ministry for Development of Russian Far East- Mr. Alexander Galushka, Deputy Minister – Mr. Alexander Osipov, Heads of Far Eastern Federal District, and investors of the project called Priority Development Area,” reported IA “Data.”

The area of expertise of Priority Development Area in the future will become animal industry, plant growing, food stuff manufacture. Mikhaylovsky Priority Development Area will occupy three areas of Primorsky Krai- Mikhaylovsky, Spasskiy and Chernigov areas. The size of the building site will make 3,1 thousand hectares. The volume of budgetary investments will make 4,4 billion roubles. The volume of private investments is 39,03 billion. As a result, 2,4 thousand workplaces will be created. 

There were two investors for future Priority Development Areas at the session. They are representatives of two companies – one from the group of the companies “Rusagro” and the second from LLC “Mercy Trade”. Rusagro will deal with the establishment of a pig breeding complex, construction of elevators, feed production and so on. The project will consist of three stages. The start of construction has been already scheduled for August 2015. Today, the size of investments amounted to 1.8 billion rubles. The work is currently secured and provided by 300 people.

“Mercy Trade” will be also engaged in the establishment of a pig breeding complex. According to the CEO of the company, a road construction, gas pipelines and an electric system, which are necessary for the functioning of the site. 

Making comments on the prospects of the future building sites, Mr. Yury Trutnev noted that all sites are promising. “All building sites are perspective. We do not plan to create unpromising territories. The projects in Primorsky Krai are quite well developed. There are investors and they are absolutely confident in their plans. Therefore, we also think that everything will be fine,” said the ambassador.  The governor of Primorsky Krai- Mr. Vladimir Miklushevsky has emphasized that Priority Development Area “Mikhaylovsky” is a serious project for pork manufacturing. 

“This project will allow not only to meet and close the demands for meat in the region, but also to deliver Primorsky production to the adjacent territories and even with the prospect of an export output. The second part of the project is connected with deep processing of soya,” has declared the Head of the region. 

He emphasized that regional authorities are going to assist the successful realization of the declared projects in every possible way. 

“The administration will support the projects in any case. The company “Mercy Trade” has been providing support to regional programmes. Now we will have support from the federal budget, too. Engineering communications and road infrastructure will be financed by the provincial and federal budgets,” said the Governor. 

Six building sites have been reviewed during the last meeting. These are the following Priority Development  Areas: “Predmostovoy” and “Belogorsk” in Amur Oblast; “Kamchatka” in Kamchatka Krai; “Mikhaylovsky” in Primorye; “Berinovskij” in Chukotka Autonomous Region; Industrial Park Kangalassy in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). In total, starting all six sites will be drawn 206.59 billion roubles of private investment, 13.3 billion budget investments. 7.9 thousands of jobs will be created. The area of all platforms will take 5.9 million hectares. 

Based on the results of the meeting, all building sites have been approved. The only question, which has been left open is about Predmostovoy Priority Development, which will be finished later and it will be dealt with it separately.

Source: www.Deyta.Ru