According to the Agricultural Marketing Agency of Poland (ARR), exports of poultry meat from Poland increased up to 709 000 tonnes, which is 21% in 2014. The value of exports reached 1.4 billion euros, 22% more than the last year. 

Last year, European countries became the main market of Polish poultry products, which accounted for about 80% of deliveries. Compared with the year 2013, the Polish poultry exports to these markets grew by 18%, while the value of exports increased by 21%. 

Among the EU member countries, the main market for Polish products became Germany, which bought 17 percent of the total volume of external deliveries of Polish poultry. The United Kingdom occupied the second place with 8% and the third position was for the Czech Republic and France. 

Against the growing number of supplies for the EU, Polish exporters have substantially reduced the export of poultry meat to Eastern European countries for the past few years, particularly to the CIS countries. Total shipment of poultry meat from Poland to CIS countries amounted about 35,000 tonnes, which worth 21 million Euro. And it has been the minimum for the recent years.

During the past few years, other important markets for Polish poultry became Africa and Asia.

Source: www.meatinfo.ru