New Pin Bone Remover from Kaj Olesen Improves Product Quality

The new Easy-Matic 52 TWIN pin bone remover from Danish Kaj Olesen A/S is fitted with two deboning units, which greatly improve the chances of removing all bones in the fish. In addition, it is easy to clean, maintain and move making it ideal for smaller productions.

Checking for bones in fish is time-consuming and can lead to damaged filets. The new pin bone remover from Kaj Olesen A/S has two adjustable deboning units, and it removes more bones without damaging the fish. 

“Our pinbone remover is fitted with a looser conveyor belt than regular pinbone removers. By using a loose belt the filets will go into the pinboning heads in different angles. This greatly improves the chances of removing all the pin bones from the fish the first time, and this reduces the time spent on checking the fish afterwards. In addition, it improves the quality of the final product,” says to Leif Borcher, Sales Manager at Kaj Olesen A/S.



Ideal for smaller productions

The Easy-Matic 52 TWIN offers a variety of adjustment possibilities and it is very gentle as the filets go through, so that the filets are not damaged in the process.

The Easy-Matic 52 TWIN has a capacity of 250―700 kg fish an hour and can process 8―10 filets per minute depending on the size of the fish and the settings of the pin boner. It can be operated by just one person,” says Leif Borcher.

The Easy-Matic 52 TWIN is also easy to clean and maintain because of its small size and simple design. Due to its size and weight of approximately 150 kg it is easy to move and put away, which makes it ideal for smaller productions. The Twin model is also available in 2-4-6-87 lane machines for bigger processing plants.