TTChop Cutter- Proven Cutter Technology

Cutting, mixing, emulsifying, working with or without a vacuum, cooking and cooling – with the proven TTChop cutter, all these processes are possible. The machines have ideally coordinated functions, impressive safety features and intelligent electronic support. Both operation and cleaning were significantly further improved and simplified. Production of cooked sausage, coarse and fine raw sausage, ultra-fine scalded sausage and emulsions is effortless, as is careful mixing and kneading of a wide variety of constituents.

Modern AC drive, patented knife system

For accelerated production, the TTChop is equipped with a wear-free, high-torque AC drive. The machine is supplied ready for connection. Six knife speeds can be set according to customer requirements. Two mixing and kneading cycles can be programmed forwards or backwards. The complete package is rounded off with four bowl speeds, which allows universal use.

Thanks to the patented M55 knife system, simple processing without additional machines is also possible: even raw rind and tendons are easily converted into structureless emulsions with optimum binding properties. Three knife types for use with different products are available.


Intuitive control and handling

The PLC control offers maximum user-friendliness. All functions are controlled from the central control panel. A robust touch screen and ergonomic rotary switches guarantee extremely simple operation. The rotary switches give a good grip even under the most difficult of working conditions. 

The TTChop works with an electronic automatic cut-out and a step control. Manual production processes can be recorded and automated.


High standard of hygiene, easy maintenance

One main focus of the design optimization was on hygiene: the machine housing is air-tight all round, the integrated switch cabinet is rust-proof. Fast, perfectly hygienic cleaning is ensured by smooth surfaces, the gap below the bowl and cutter as well as the consistent 3° slope of all surfaces. Fast access to all components increases maintenance-friendliness. The display shows imminent maintenance work.

Innovative cooking technology

The TTChop with cooking equipment is the fastest cooking cutter in the world. Various pre-cooked sausage meats and patés can be produced in one work process. Its heating and cooling medium is fed through the bowl wall via a closed circuit (wide channels). The special bowl is heated and cooled with steam and cold water respectively, without coming into contact with the product.

The TTChop cutter range comprises eight models with different bowl sizes and production options. All machines can be used as part of a production line or as a stand-alone unit.