In recent years, poultry in Dagestan is under active development. This industry is one of the most profitable and cost-effective. More local poultry farms are moving to a new and modern equipment. 

According to statistics, each Dagestani citizen uses 25 kilograms of chicken meat every year. It is almost two times cheaper than lamb and beef. It is estimated that poultry farming is profitable. 

The freshest forages, pure water, the necessary ventilation in summer and warm facilities in winter – all conditions for cultivation of chickens are created in Vinogradar peasant farm enterprise in Kizilyurtovsky District. Today their broilers are exactly three weeks old but in forty days, their weight will be about three kilograms. 

At present the family owned poultry farm of Napisat and Aliaskhab Umarovs has about 10 000 birds. The work of a farmer cannot be called easy but business gets better after the commissioning of new equipment. However, quite recently the bags of food were dragged by the farmers themselves and buckets of water were carried too. 

A kilogram of poultry meat costs 80 rubles. The poultry production of Kizilyurtovsky breeders is purchased very well but there are still problems. 

Only a third of the meat on the market is local production. Quality is the main indicator that Dagestan products compete with imported products. Less protein supplements, which are growth accelerators and more natural food because it directly affects human health – here is what the Dagestan poultry breeders believe in.