Even though we see an increasing competition from the Far East and other areas around the world, we still see a growing demand for high quality product with a user friendly design and a strong focus on a reliable product with low maintenance cost says Sales Director Peter N Christensen at DSI.

DSI is at the moment experiencing the highest number of orders ever and the orders are coming from both offshore and onshore plants and from many different sectors like the fishing industry – pet food – meat/poultry industry – ETC. 

It is our strong feeling that our customers has realized that “DISAPPOINTMENT AT LOW QUALITY, LAST MUCH LONGER THAN PLEASURE FROM LOW PRICES” and more and more people are willing to pay a little extra to get a high quality product. 

DSI is exporting 98% of the production to countries all around the world. DSI are represented in the different countries by local refrigeration contractors and process equipment suppliers, they are the guarantee for a correct installation and after sale service. As DSI is not selling its plate freezers directly to the end-users we are very strongly committed to the refrigeration contractors and have through the years build up a very strong and confident relationship with the refrigeration contractors. Without the refrigeration contractors DSI would not have been where we are today says Peter N Christensen.



As a parts of the commitment to the refrigeration contractors DSI is working on ongoing development of its range of products, not only with regards to design of new products but also to the existing range of products which consequently is under observation for possible improvements.

DSI´s range of products consists today of more than 50 different type of vertical and horizontal plate freezers all manufactured to the high quality demands from the end-users. Apart from the manual vertical and horizontal plate freezers DSI also manufactures vertical plate freezers (Type V16) with automatic bottom discharge of the frozen block. New developed is also a single station continuously horizontal plate freezer, where one station is opened at a time to optimize the freezing cycles and less drip loss from the product. 

Beside the plate freezers DSI has a very strong cooperation with different manufactures of automatic loading and unloading systems for plate freezers and many of these systems has been designed especially for the DSI plate freezers. The automatic loading and unloading system can be supplied for both vertical and horizontal plate freezers.

Sales Director Peter Christensen also point out the newly developed CorePoint System. The CorePoint System under Patent no. PA 2009 00731 is a system to measure the core temperature of the product during the freezing process. We can reduce energy consumption at different start temperatures! And different products types! This reduces production cost, and can increase the capacity for the plate freezers and the freezing installation. 

The freezing installation is operated with higher energy efficiency, because you can control the compressors etc. with frequency inverters, and this reduces the operation costs.