Utilising the weighing and packing expertise of Ishida Europe, leading Polish poultry processor Wipasz has successfully completed a major automation project at its facility in Mlawa that has more than doubled processed output to over 90,000 birds per day, the majority in fixed weight MAP (Modified Atmosphere) packs.

Ishida has installed four packing lines, one each for wings and fillets and two for different leg cuts. The lines, which give Wipasz the flexibility to respond to market needs in terms of pack and product variations, combine accurate weighing technology and top of the range tray sealing with a variety of pack inspection and testing systems, including X-ray, seal testing and vision inspection, to ensure the highest quality standards.

Each line begins with the feeding of pieces from the cut-up line to an Ishida multi head weigher, in most cases a screw feeder model which gently but firmly propels the sticky fresh chicken into hoppers fitted with scraper gates. Accurate portions are then deposited onto one of the lanes of a weigh batcher and sent to operators for packing and styling in the trays. The outstanding weighing accuracy of the Ishida is crucial in reducing giveaway, helping to maximise the yield of the fixed-weight packs from a given bird input.

For quality presentation, the advanced Ishida tray sealers offer a first class tray appearance while the Ishida vision system ensures correct branding and label placement. 

Product quality is maintained through the use of Ishida X-ray systems combined with metal detection which rigorously exclude metal and other contaminants (including bones in fillets), while other tray sealer features check that the correct modified atmosphere is used for each product. Ishida seal testers then ensure that the atmosphere is securely maintained by excluding any packs at risk of leaking.

All information printed onto the sealed packs and their labels is also inspected by the Ishida integrated seal testing/vision systems and checked against information from the line equipment and the company’s factory and enterprise-wide data resources. This provides full data integrity including weight accuracy, shelf-life and other figures.

Ishida worked closely with Wipasz on the overall concept and layout of the packing hall as well as supplying the line equipment.

“In our opinion, controlled product quality, modern technology and flexibility are the key to success on the domestic and international markets,” comments Wipasz factory manager Jacek Jelonek.  

“The Ishida technology acquired by Wipasz allows us to adjust our offer to specific customer requirements.”

This project marks the first phase of a major strategic investment by Wipasz aimed at transforming its operations to among the best and most modern in Europe. Phase Two is already underway, which says Mr Jelonek will deliver “a capacity of 13,500 birds per hour and one of the most technological advanced poultry plants in the world.”