During the last years, InnospeXion has developed a unique real-time X-ray imaging technology, based on Low-energy X-rays. Along with a very high image resolution of 0.1 mm, this innovation has unveiled a substantial improvement of the bone detection capability, compared to traditional X-ray systems used for fish bone detection. The Micro Fish Bone Detection System detects fish bones down to 0.15 mm in diameter. This reduces the risk of having shipments returned due to quality problems involving a too high content of bones, including critical bones, in the product and enables fish producers to get a higher price per kilo.

The technology is used in fish factories for automatic detection of pin bones, e.g. Cod, Saith, Hake, Salmon, Tuna, Tilapia, etc., for detection of bones in trimmed fillets, and for bone detection in bits and pieces used for e.g. fish blocks. Filets that have a too high bone content risk being returned by the supermarkets and to the fish producers. This equals heavy losses. Until now, the existing technology has not been able to automatically detect the smallest pin bones to reduce the risk of having shipments returned and thereby avoid losses. The novel Low Energy technology relieves this situation, providing a very short return of investment period.


On-line inspection up to 30 m/min, fish bone detection down to 0.15 mm in fish fillets and Bits & Pieces, foreign objects (glass, small bones, shell fragments etc.), Inspection of the content of packaged fish products and inspection of the sealing of packaged fish products.



Direct and automatic sorting of bone containing fillets or Bits & Pieces according to selected criteria, sorting into up to 16 different categories relative to bone dimensions and number of detected bones, high speed (up to 30 m/min) and high resolution, simple and robust (built for 24/7 operation), suitable for automatic bone picking, fully automatic – no human intervention required, easy and modular incorporation to existing production lines, hygienic design – easy to clean, IP65 (IP66 optionally), ultra compact and easy to service, long life time and safe- low radiation emission.

The InnospeXion X-ray systems for fish products are manufactured to sustain the harsh environment and the cleaning needs in the fishing industry. All materials that may get in contact to food products are certified food grade, and/or FDA approved.

All systems are intended for remote operation using external trigger, and are remote monitored.