Heat and Control’s Newest Oil Filtration Technology for Fried Foods is Creating Safer and More Efficient Food Manufacturing Lines

Heat and Control, a world-leading equipment manufacturer and food processing industry supplier, recently released the OilSaver Filtration System to its Oil Management System lineup.

The OilSaver extends the life of frying oil with continuous high efficiency filtration down to 10 microns. The OilSaver preserves frying oil quality by removing solids (coating, crumbs, etc.) using high efficiency filtration during production while the fryer is in use. The OilSaver can be used with any fryer and keeps frying oil in good condition for coated protein products, peanuts, snack foods, appetisers, and other fried foods.

In addition, OilSaver’s vacuum technology makes it the safest option on the market with no chance of spraying dangerous, hot oil from the system.

“This latest addition to Heat and Control’s catalogue advances our oil filtration capabilities and provides our clients with a safer option for manufacturing facilities,” says James Padilla, Director of Product Development at Heat and Control Inc. “The OilSaver will allow Heat and Control to be flexible in creating the superior products we have been known for manufacturing for 70 years.”

The versatile OilSaver accommodates up to 227 litres (60 gallons) per minute in a small area. The dry cake discharge recovers large quantities of oil and returns the recovered oil back to the fryer.

Every component of Heat and Control’s oil management solutions is designed to maximise oil quality and improve energy efficiency. With advanced control over oil heating, filtration, transfer, cooling, and storage, as well as rapid oil turnover rate, you’ll be able to create fresh and delicious products.

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