GLOBALG.A.P. Remote Kicks into Action

The first certificates have now been issued for inspections carried out via GLOBALG.A.P. Remote. This comes after the launch of the COVID-19 emergency measure on 15 May 2020.

GLOBALG.A.P. Remote was introduced as a response to the coronavirus crisis, which caused lockdowns and social distancing measures that hinder traditional inspections. While restrictions have been lifted in some countries, the GLOBALG.A.P. Remote option is helping those producers in regions still heavily affected by COVID-19. GLOBALG.A.P. Remote is available to producers in regions with travel restrictions at no extra cost.

The implementation phase

Before publishing, GLOBALG.A.P. Remote underwent an expedited consultation phase to ensure that the product created was not only suitable, but could also be implemented quickly. To aid certification bodies in implementing GLOBALG.A.P. Remote, a series of webinars was hosted on the topic.

And it hasn’t taken long for the remote option to be adopted. Following remote inspections that took place between 15 May and 16 June, the first certificates have now been issued in Europe, Asia, and South America. A total of 13 different certification bodies were engaged in 22 remote inspections covering 466 producers and a variety of GLOBALG.A.P. products – the Integrated Farm Assurance standard for Fruit and Vegetables, the GRASP add-on, and the Chain of Custody standard in version 6.

Looking to the future
As regards the future, GLOBALG.A.P. Remote will remain an option for producers and certification bodies for as long as there are lockdowns in place. GLOBALG.A.P. remains committed to finding solutions to support its producers, certification bodies, and retail/supplier members during this uncertain period.

Find more information on GLOBALG.A.P. certfication during the COVID-19 Pandemic here:

GLOBALG.A.P. published a free public webinar on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on GLOBALG.A.P. certification options and procedures. It provides an overview of the existing GLOBALG.A.P. emergency procedures and the new GLOBALG.A.P. Remote option. 