East Kazakhstan: There will be a Poultry Farm in Each District

Opening of 13 farms is planned in the Tarbagatai district of East Kazakhstan province has been announced by the information centre of East Kazakhstan region. 

“Practically in each district there will be a poultry farm. Such opportunities for rural areas are opened thanks to government programmes for the development of small and medium-sized businesses,“ has been stated in the message. 

It is worth noting that the number of breeding farms in Tarbagatai district in East Kazakhstan has increased by 3 times compared with 2011. There are 19 farm households in the area at this moment. 

“Most of these 19 households are engaged in sheep breeding. In order to improve livestock breeds, animals are regularly being procured,” has been said in a statement. 

It is worth noting that the gross agricultural product in Tarbagatai district has amounted about 21.2 billion KZT (about 116.7 million USD dollars) by the end of 2013 has been reported by The News Agency “Kazakh-Grains”.

The message also reports about 25 feeding platforms in the region. The volume of the meat production that has been implemented through them reached almost 700 tons until the year 2013.

Source: IA Kazakh-Grains