STEEN is known for more than 50 years for their cutting edge food processing machinery. With their experience, they produce high-end skinning machines for practically any chicken or turkey part as the ST700 skinning machine, with or without water. This machine is also innovated to be taken apart without tools for easy and thorough cleaning. Next to that, they also have their high-yield de-boning machines for chicken thigh, drum and prime wing like the ST828, ST800 or ST840, but also for turkey like the ST850. Next to de-boning, the ST840 is also able to make pirzola from thighs and tulips from the prime wings. Other specialities in their range are the ST820 mid-wing de-boner, prime wing tulip processor, the ST350 thigh sparerib machine and the ST832 thigh de-boner and patella remover and the whole breast skinning machine ST650. The ST700, ST840 and the ST850 will be displayed for your inspection at IPPE 2017 in  Atlanta and their sales team will be more than happy to answer your questions.