Grodno meat processing plant has opened a state-of-the-art industrial unit for smoked products with a computer monitoring system which allows monitoring the quality of the production process from the raw and subsidiary materials entry to the packaging and shipment of finished products.

A four – storey building has grown on an empty area for just a year and a half and became a new enterprise equipped with the latest technology. A more important nuance: the new manufacture has allowed the organization of 220 additional workplaces. Under the construction plan the industrial unit should be finished in December. The modernization project with volume of investments in the amount of 30 million euros seemed impossible for carrying out less than two years. Nevertheless, the harmonious work of builders, technologists and equipment suppliers has made it possible for the production plant to start its work earlier and thus to begin receiving profits from the invested in the construction money. The General Director of joint stock company «Grodno Meat Processing Plant» Anatoly Grishuk has emphasized that technology map developers of the new industrial unit made their choices based on the willingness to work quickly and efficiently.

“We have been developing this investment project for quite long time. We weighed all pros and cons. Therefore, when we got the regional investment program, we had already known what we wanted. On the auction, we chose our Polish partner among nine other applicants. We have known this company for 20 years and commissioned  great expectations on it because they had never misled us. In his turn, the Chairman of The Executive Committee of Grodna region – Vladimir Kravtsov accentuated that the budgetary funding played an important role in financing this ambitious project. Fifty billion roubles were allocated from The Regional Innovation Fund for the construction of this industrial unit. Now we are doing a lot for the modernization of enterprises engaged in processing agricultural products because Grodno region is traditionally strong in this industry. After all, if you do not grow, you can seriously fall behind and face the problem of illiquidity products.

Today Volkovysk meat processing plant is under reconstruction, much is done for Slonim processing plant, and we have found a way to deal with the problematic Lida processing plant. The new one will produce up to 550 tonnes of smoked products per month in addition to those 80 tonnes that were produced before. The administration of the plant is considering refraining from meat exports. They will be replaced by the produce of smoked sausages from the industrial unit because this produce does not have greater added value and therefore it will bring much larger benefits. The planned production volume, which will be received only from new production in 2016 should reach about 610 billion rubles.