Russian Federal Fisheries Agency announced that Russia decreased its fish imports by 45.6% from January till May 2015 compared to the same period of 2014 when the import reached the amount of 212.3 thousand tonnes.

Frozen fish takes 53.8% in the imports structure, prepared or preserved fish products – 16.6%, fish fillets and other fish meat – 14.3%, crustaceans and molluscs – 8%, fresh or chilled fish – 4.4%.

According to preliminary data of the Federal Customs Service, imports of trout (fresh, chilled and frozen) fell by 80.1% and reached 2.9 thousand tonnes, frozen mackerel – by 48.6% reaching 15 thousand tonnes, frozen herring – by 54.7% reaching 19 thousand tonnes, frozen capelin – 29.5% reaching 25.1 thousand tonnes.

Production of fish produce in Russia, according to preliminary data from Rosstat, the first five months rose by 5.7% and reached 1 million 652.3 thousand tonnes.

At the same time, from January till May this year, Russia delivered 839 thousand tonnes of fish, fish products and seafood to foreign markets, which is 1% less than 2014.

In the structure of exports frozen fish takes 89.4%, fish fillets – 6.2%, crustaceans and molluscs – 3%, prepared or preserved fish products – 0.6%, fresh or chilled fish – 0.1%.

The decrease was due to exports of fresh or chilled fish (89%, up to 0.8 thousand tonnes). The deliveries of fish finished products and canned fish has also been reduced – by 51% to 4.9 thousand tonnes.

According to preliminary data of the Federal Customs Service (excluding the data from trade with Belarus and Kazakhstan) most of the deliveries in the structure of Russian fish exports fell on the frozen pollock (64.1%). The export volume of these products has decreased by 8.8% to 386.9 thousand tonnes for five months. The exports of frozen herring has also been diminished by 25% to 73.6 thousand tonnes.

At the same time the general supply of frozen fish for export rose by 1% to 750.2 thousand tonnes. The export of crustaceans and molluscs grew by 8.3% to 24.7 thousand tonnes. 