UK Machinery Manufacturer DanTech Enters a New Era of Expanding US Sales through ANCO Eaglin Incorporated

ANCO president Peter Kurzyna and DanTech managing director Colin Turner recently signed a MOU handing over exclusive sales, marketing and service for the USA and Canada. This is a fantastic opportunity for both firms as DanTech has already had enormous success with a number of installations in four US States.

The name ANCO is a well-respected global business in the field of forming and slicing of bacon which goes back over 100 years. ANCO is based in High Point, North Carolina with branches and service staff across the USA, whilst DanTech is located in Lancashire for sales, marketing and R&D and Norfolk for production in the UK.

The DanTech press is a unique bacon forming machine that uses less than 1/3rd of the energy of its closest rival which it does by adapting mechanical advantage through its hydraulic system to amplify the power exerted on the meat. In 2016 DanTech was awarded a US patent for its technology which demonstrates great confidence in the press.

Since a complete re-engineering programme starting in 2012 for international technical compliance and following the AMI 10 Principles of Hygiene and Sanitation guidelines, the DanTech press has been installed in Europe, South Africa, China and South-East Asia as well as in the UK and USA, of course.

ANCO with its expert understanding of engineering and the meat industry is a natural partner for DanTech. It is anticipated that many elderly ANCO presses will soon be replaced by the dynamic Titan T35 presses across the USA and Canada.