Turkmenistan: New Poultry Production Plant Launched in Ahal Region

According to “Ahal durmuşy” newspaper, a brand new state-of-the-art poultry production plant was launched in Gökdepe District of the Ahal Region.

The construction of the plant that belongs to the entrepreneur Topar Ataev has been executed by the sole proprietorship “Emir ogly”. The poultry plant with the production space of 4 hectares consists of an administrative centre, 9 poultry houses, warehouse for housekeeping needs, warehouse for feed storage, administration and maintenance building, water reservoirs, water supply station and other auxiliary facilities. The poultry plant has innovative specialized equipment which allows breeding 115 500 broilers at one stage. The plant’s capacity is 720 t of chicken meat per year.

The plant will supply its products to the food markets and retail outlets across the country under the trade name “Dogan aý”. The reform in the Turkmenistan’s agriculture creates conditions for expansion of the production of poultry, livestock, meat and dairy products. Entrepreneurs can obtain preferential loans for up to 10 years at an annual rate of 5% for the implementation of investment projects for the development of these sectors. Today Turkmenistan is self-sufficient in basic foodstuffs.

Source /Источник: www.meatinfo.ru