Trends in the Food and Beverage Industry: in Conversation with Industrial Auctions

In the ever-changing world of the food and beverage industry, trends are constantly changing, shifting priorities and introducing new technologies. But how can manufacturers within this industry respond to these trends quickly and effectively?

We are talking to Lina van Loon, marketing employee at Industrial Auctions. Industrial Auctions is the auction platform specialized in the online auctioning of used food and beverage machinery. We will discuss the main trends and explore how this company can assist producers in this rapidly changing market full of new developments.

Further automation
While automation is now indispensable in the food and beverage industry, it remains a continuous trend that is constantly evolving. More and more factories are relying on advanced machines and robots to perform tasks that were previously done manually. This not only improves efficiency and productivity but also combats waste and ensures product quality. Additionally, it contributes to a safer working environment, enhancing the sector’s image. This is becoming increasingly important given the current challenges in terms of labor force, where producers must compete to attract and retain qualified personnel. Industrial Auctions addresses this by offering high-quality used machinery that producers can use to further automate their production processes.

Changing needs
A noticeable shift in consumer needs is emerging within the food and beverage industry. “We see a growing demand for plant-based options, sustainable packaging and an increase in convenience products, but also an increasing awareness on both our health, animal welfare and the impact of food production on the environment.” In response, manufacturers are focusing on reducing their carbon footprint by, among other things, adopting more sustainable packaging and minimizing food waste. However, Van Loon also contends that deploying new machinery isn’t always necessary. “For example, a plant-based burger can be produced with the same forming machine as a burger made of meat, and existing packaging machines can also accommodate more environmentally friendly alternatives.”

Rising costs
Everything is getting more expensive, so too for producers in the food and beverage industry. “To remain profitable, cost increases need to be offset, and second-hand machines offer an affordable solution. They are significantly cheaper than buying new ones, allowing producers to maintain profit margins even with rising inflation. By purchasing used machines, manufacturers contribute to a circular economy and reduce the need for new raw materials,” states Lina.

All in all, an industry that is constantly subject to various trends, which presents challenges. Despite these challenges, Industrial Auctions maintains a positive outlook, emphasizing how the company can assist producers in addressing these challenges. Trends are closely monitored and emphasized. Competitors in production are already taking action, so being left behind is not an option.