TIPPER TIE Expands Machine Manufacturing in Switzerland


After the successful inauguration of TIPPER TIE’s new machine manufacturing facility in Flawil/Switzerland in 2010, the company has started the further expansion of machine assembly.

In the past, mainly cutters (TIPPER TIE’s extremely successful Swopper line) and automatic flat clip machines have been built in Flawil. In the future, clipping equipment for small businesses will be added to the product range.

A new German facility in the Hamburg area will be established as a central engineering, service, administrative and logistics location for TIPPER TIE’s European operations.

“The further expansion of machine manufacturing in Switzerland was a logical step. Flawil is already the major equipment producer in our group”, said Gernot Foerster, President of TIPPER TIE, Inc.

In addition to the headquarters in Apex, NC/USA, TIPPER TIE has further worldwide production sites in Piestany/Slovakia and ZhenSen/China for clips and loops (consumables). Licensed consumables production in Brazil and Kazakhstan add to the worldwide presence of TIPPER TIE.

TIPPER TIE begins the 21st century as the premier company in the world-wide clipper and clip business. Our products are used every day to process and package foods vital to the diets of people all over the world. TIPPER TIE doesn’t just serve the meat and poultry industries, our products provide trusted closure solutions to companies such as pet food manufactures, fish wholesalers, Christmas tree farmers, sandbag producers, the civil engineering and explosives industry and much more!