The Online Auctioneer to Buy or Sell Your Food and Beverage Machines

Industrial Auctions was officially established in 2010, when it’s current CEO, Mr. Ad van Kollenburg opened their doors to the online auctions. Focussed on the food and beverage industry, they are determined to become market leader and it already shows that the online auctioneer is taking over territory in the industry. Over the years they have organised hundreds of auctions and sold thousands of machines worldwide.

In their head office, located in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) they perform their business activities. With a hall of 10.000 m2, next to the highway and near the airport they can effectively and efficiently fulfil their work. With a yearly increase of auctions throughout Europe and a worldwide network of buyers, the online auctioneer is proving itself valuable to the industry.

The lower costs and fast availability of a used machine in particular play an important role, when asked about the advantages. A used machine is cheaper than a new one and can also be picked up within a week after the auction. An obvious argument, but often not thought of, is that used machinery can even be more reliable than newer machines and experiences fewer complications. The complications that may have occurred have already been found, tested and fixed on a used machine. A used machine can, if it is properly maintained, still be used for years. Also the fact that buying used machines is a more sustainable option, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s society, contributes to the good development of the online auctioneer. “Putting an effort in creating a top-of-mind awareness with their (potential) customers and clients is simultaneously leading to a bigger trust, better approachability and thus a healthy way of doing business together,” says Ad van Kollenburg.

The not concealed downside of buying machines at an auction is the fact that it will not come with any guarantees. However, Industrial Auctions aims to ensure customer satisfaction with a purchase by providing in-depth technical descriptions, many pictures and when available videos of the machines in working condition. With the knowledge they have gained through the years about the food and beverage industry, eye to detail and highly valuated service they sincerely like to provide, they strive to keep their professionalism on top from beginning to end. This is also evident by meeting clients personally during viewing days at all their auctions, providing them with an extensive brochure and have a team on-site to answer every question. Even when someone is not able to visit the auction location, the company provides an online brochure and tries to answers all questions by email or phone. With all of their auctions, their logistics department is ready to help with disassembly and loading during pick up days or as part of the aftersales, arranging transport all over the world.

Since their existence they have organised auctions for many renowned companies like FrieslandCampina, Nestlé, COOP, Vion Food Group, Refresco, 2 Sisters Food Group and numerous more. From complete processing lines for vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat and fish but also thousands of stand-alone machines like slicers, thermoformers, metal detectors, hygiene stations and so on. Most of these machines are made by well-known brands: Handtmann, Seydelmann, Treif, Bizerba, Multivac and Marel are a small selection of the machinery offered online.

“The company is proving itself overtime by acting accordingly to it,” says Ad van Kollenburg. “We will never act like we already know everything. As a matter of fact, we learn from everyday practice. We do not shy away from problems and although we’ve drawn up rules and conditions, we do not hide away behind them. We want honest trades and try to make sure we meet up to that the best way we can. Improvements can always be made. Referring to the website, advertisements, and even our online offer improves visibly over time.”

“We will always strive – no matter how – to be of best of service to our clients and contractors”

By providing transparency, open and clear communication, integrity and clarity towards each other, they leave their clients care free. With a hands-on mentality, always following the safety rules, no hidden agenda and no-nonsense they get the job done.Industrial Auctions wants you to experience participation at an online auction in a particular and inventive way. Getting familiar with their working methods, their casual atmosphere, their high level of commitment and enthusiasm makes believe a cooperation is more than worthwhile. Besides, a simple registration is easily made, find the machinery your company is looking for, place your bid, win and pay and pick up.

More than enough reasons mentioned above for interested parties to visit the website for the complete offer, upcoming auctions or contact details: