The New Virtual Showroom from KARL SCHNELL – Ease of Use Redesigned!

Welcome to the future. At KARL SCHNELL, we mobilize our energies to enable our customers and interested parties to have the most extensive and user-friendly visiting experience possible.

This approach and the current major global challenges are the reason for us to completely rethink our digital presence.

We present our extensive portfolio of solutions for the food industry this spring – in addition to our website – in a three-dimensional virtual environment.

This is the concept of the future – sustainable and economical. The word “sustainability” has two meanings in this context: the ecological implementation of exhibitions as well as the lasting, long-term effective result.

The virtual showroom is an excellent addition to the classic two-dimensional homepage and offers the visitor the feeling of a real trade fair without the hassle of traveling. The often stressful exhibition environment can be avoided. Instead, you can comfortably research the desired information and conversation partners from your laptop, tablet or smartphone, leaning back. From wherever and whenever. In addition, the content is accessible worldwide 24 hours a day.

But of course, even in the longer term, attendance at trade shows cannot be completely replaced. Because we do not want to do without the trade show flair, the intensive discussions, the brand presentations and the personal impression on site – the really big action – when it comes to important topics.

At KS, we believe that personal contact with our customers is indispensable. But the virtual showroom offers us the unique opportunity to get in touch with part of our customers who cannot be directly on site.

Equally important for us is the efficient access and worldwide networking of expert knowledge – as compactly as possible on one platform. In this respect, the virtual showroom is an excellent extension for live trade shows.

This is because the need for information is increasing worldwide – especially when it comes to networking topics and subject areas. In the increasingly complex field of food production with its comprehensive problems, interdisciplinary problem solutions are required.

Thinking outside the box and exchanging expert knowledge across specialist boundaries is becoming increasingly valuable. This is a great demand for every manufacturer and every digital company presence.

The question is therefore not at all whether the virtual trade fair or the live trade fair is ultimately the better alternative. A successful trade fair will need both to make a difference: a lasting, impressive, motivating live staging with a variety of unusual thematic networks that really bring people together. Just as much as a virtual, structured, expanded and unlimitedly available review of what is offered.

Diversity and openness to the new are certainly the solution for a successful partnership with our customers.

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