The Modular Double Clippers KDCM/KDCMA – for Universal Use


Sausage producers know how important flexibility is in production. Thanks to their modular configuration, the double clippers KDCM and KDCMA are already designed for this. They meet all production requirements and can be individually adapted in no time to various sausage types and peaks in demand.

The KDCM/KDCMA family consists of two models: the KDCM semi-automatic clipper and the fully-automatic KDCMA. All components are fully interchangeable, allowing optimization for every application. A table-top entry-level machine is ideal for small businesses. Equipped with additional components, the double clipper is converted into a highly efficient clipping solution which can be combined with any filling machine for high speed production.

The complete range is made entirely of stainless steel and is suitable for natural, artificial and fiber casings in the caliber range from 25 to 120 mm. They are processed as uncooked, cooked or scalded sausages to make portions, rings, strings and slicing sausages. The movable, adjustable casing brake prevents overloading of the casing and ensures exact filling of the portions.


Useful Accessories

Accessories include string dispensers, a robust base trolley as well as spool clips, labeler and automatic looper.

Unlike the classic bar clip systems, the spool clip system provides thousands of clips at once. Reloading times are therefore minimized, increasing the machine’s overall throughput.

A labeler is available, equipped with labels made of Tyvek material (high density polyethylene). This allows any product to be quickly and consistently marked with up to 10 characters such as batch number and production day. The required printer is included with the labeler.

For quick and easy suspension, a loop feeder can be used. All sausage types can be further processed (e.g. smoked) using the loop. Attractive presentation of slicing sausages in meat shops is also possible. 


Intelligent Electronics

The electronics system of the KDCM/KDCMA family is easy to use. The electronic counter stores up to 20 memory programs for the semi-automatic KDCM. The fully automatic KDCMA is equipped with a state-of-the-art touch screen with only a few controls, allowing easy access to required settings intuitively and quickly. The machine is ready for use within a very short time.


Smart Design

The overall design of the KDCM/KDCMA double clipper family facilitates service work, which contributes to efficient output, long operating cycles and low repair costs. For maximum accessibility, they can be swiveled and have hoods which can open wide. A 10 degree slope makes it easy to see the working area. Sloping surfaces and a new design with freely suspended plates meet maximum hygiene requirements.

To complement the comprehensive range of clipper machines, TIPPER TIE offers a wide range of high-quality, custom-made clip models for every machine type. All clips provide optimum protection for the sausage material thanks to their rounded ends. A range of loops and labels is also available.