The Fuchs Group is Searching for Partners Spices, Herbs, Blends, Sauces from Germany to the World

The Fuchs Group – the world’s biggest privately held spice company is searching for distribution partners for the Russian and East European market. If you are interested please contact in Russian or English language Edgar Petrosyan (

The company sees itself as the food industry’s global partner with strong regional roots and a high level of technological competence. They have a broad customer base with their spices, herbs, blends and technological compounds, and supply the snack, meat and dairy industries together with the fish, convenience and baked products industries as well as many other food industry sectors. More than 85% of their products originate from customer-specific developments. Fuchs Spice & Flavouring Technology stands for innovative technology and tailor-made product solutions. The appropriate use of spices and technological compounds in dry, liquid or paste form provides the food industry with decisive advantages in the manufacture of their products. Permanent colour and flavour stability, easy addition of spices and seasonings during the production process, and flavour differentiation are just a few of the arguments in favour of using Fuchs technologies.

Broad range of services
With a range of more than 8,000 products the Fuchs Group offers spices, culinary trends and food technology for every target group and every need in the food retail, food service and food industry. Fuchs Group products are subject to the strictest quality controls and undergo continuous further development. From seed to kitchen: the special feature is that the Fuchs Group exercises an active influence on the quality and taste of its products along the entire value creation chain. The company has followed a very clear purchasing philosophy for decades: they prefer to obtain their raw materials as far as possible directly from the growers or producers. Therefore raw materials are delivered in an unmilled form to Germany and processed using their state-of-the-art technology in their own spice mill. Hereby, the company can safeguard the unbroken traceability and a seamless influence on the quality of its products – from agricultural cultivation and the transport to finished product.

A traditional company shapes the global spice market
The self-image of the Fuchs Group is moulded by the pioneering spirit, the curiosity and the boldness of the company founder, Dieter Fuchs: 68 years ago, Dieter Fuchs transported small packages of pepper and salt on a bike to his customers. Today, his enthusiasm, his ambition and his entrepreneurial farsightedness still characterize the self-image of Fuchs Group. According to the aim of the company’s founder it is still their aspiration to continuously rediscover the world of spices, to seek out trends and to develop and market intelligent product and packaging ideas for their customers and partners.

An uncompromising approach – and a promise of quality
An uncompromising and outstanding quality is a significant success factor of the Fuchs Group. In the world of taste Fuchs represents many years of experience, an excellent knowledge of the market, and comprehensive specialist competence. The company feels that they have a special obligation to handle resources responsibly and sustainably as their success is highly dependent on intact economical, ecological and social systems in the spice-growing regions. They obtain raw materials un-milled and directly from the producer, and process them using state-of-the-art technology in their own spice mill. Through that approach the Fuchs Group relies on its many years of experience and comprehensive specialist competence – and differentiates itself from other suppliers.

Traditional partnership approach
The Fuchs Group maintains fair, respectful contacts with their customers and partners. Long-term, partnership-based supplier relations are seen as a central precondition for their business model’s success. It is based on direct, personal contact with their certified suppliers and their own staff in the growing areas, which visit their suppliers and maintain a regular exchange of information with them. Moreover, the duties of these employees include informing growers, producers and exporters about current developments in the areas of cultivation and the harvesting or drying. Therefore, the Fuchs Group continuously receives indications regarding the expected crop size and is able to secure a reliable and sustainable procurement.