Stalam  Radio Frequency Equipment: Best RF Solutions for Defrosting and Pasteurization

At Anuga FoodTec 2022 Stalam will come back as one of the pioneers of Radio Frequency technology for the food industry; based on this successful experiences Stalam will present some RF Equipment specifically developed for the defrosting of frozen fish, meat, vegetables and other raw or processed food products.

The tempering or defrosting raw or processed food products using conventional methods can introduce difficulties as:  slow process, bacteria growth in the product, high drip loss (economic loss); deterioration of the product surface; batch processing (high handling costs, risk of breakage, bruising and other damages to the product due to such handling).

The drawbacks of the conventional defrosting methods can be avoided, thanks to the ability of the Stalam RF machines to rapidly generate heat volumetrically within the product.

So, the main benefits of the Stalam RF defrosting method are:

  • defrosting is achieved in minutes rather than hours/days, even for large product blocks and, if necessary, directly inside packaging used for storage (carton boxes, polyethylene bags, etc.);
  • the processing speed and uniformity minimize product degradation and improve the yield:
  • no drip loss;
  • no deterioration of organoleptic, chemical or physical properties;
  • no bacterial growth (the very best product quality is preserved);
  • the product can be obtained at the correct temperature needed for the next stage of processing;
  • most favourable productivity/foot-print ratio compared to the traditional conventional methods (large defrosting rooms or equipment).

Another successfull application of Stalam RF equipment for the food industry, first company in the world, is the pasteurization of solid products, either packaged or in bulk, and of liquids flowing inside pipes (in the latter case, the process can be extended till full sterilization is achieved), encountering the food market demand for natural yet micro-biologically safe products and the request of modern food distribution logistics to achieve two apparently contrasting requirements: safe food with a long shelf-life and a fresh taste.

The benefits of Stalam RF solutions for pasteurization and sterilization are:

  • Minimal thermal impact on products (longer life, better taste)
  • Organic chemical-free treatment
  • Reduced time for the inactivation of micro-organisms and enzymes
  • Reduced energy consumption and equipment foot-print

Finally, RF equipment is the best thermal technology for processing agricultural commodities such as nuts, cereals, grains, pulses, seeds, etc. The green conscience raising amid the consumers and the increase of the organic products market have pressed the industry to implement non-chemical treatment alternatives, as the thermal methods.

Conventional thermal techniques are simple and easy to control, however they are intrinsically slow and it is well known that prolonged heating can be detrimental to quality of food products. Direct heating methods by electromagnetic waves, instead, allow heating of product substrates in a rapid and uniform way.

Benefits of RF equipment is:

  • fast and effective treatment – 3 to 10 times faster compared to conventional heat treatments
  • organic and chemicals-free process – sensorial and nutritional properties are preserved at best during the mild heat treatment
  • energy efficient technology – disinfest about 1 ton of product with a cost of 2÷4 €.


Established in 1978, Stalam is now the undisputed world leader in the development, design and manufacture of Radio Frequency (RF) equipment for the drying and thermal processing of raw materials, intermediates and finished industrial products. The drying of textile fibres and yarns, technical-textiles and related products (glass fibres, polymer foams, non-wovens, etc.) is the best known and most widespread application of Stalam RF equipment. Many innovative applications of the RF technology were introduced to the food industry for the first time by Stalam on a truly industrial scale, like the rapid defrosting of frozen fish, meat, vegetables and other raw or processed food products. Currently other fields of application in food industry regard the post-baking drying of a wide range of bakery products and the pasteurization and sterilization of either solid packaged food or liquid products in the tube, the disinfestation and sanitisation of dry agricultural commodities (nuts, grains, pulses, etc.), aromatic and medicinal herbs, etc.

Stalam, your partner in Radio Frequency Equipment.