Slaughterhouse / Food Processing & Handling OEM Research Report 2021 Edition Now Available!

After months of hard work, the Slaughterhouse / Food Processing Equipment Manufacturing Industry Research Report is now available to OEMs, Food Processors, suppliers to the industry, investors and analysts. Just like last year, we interviewed Mr. Aart Schalk, senior consultant at Linde Consult and expert in the Food Processing Industry, who led the research project.

What’s new and improved in this year’s research report?
‘The 2021 report includes even more value than last year’s report, since we received a significantly larger number of responses to the survey that was extended with several relevant questions, initiated by comments and input from our customers. This input was really appreciated, and I am convinced that our customers benefit from this year’s results and deepen their understanding of market trends, challenges, developments and where the leading 130 OEMs in primary, secondary and further processing & handling segments are headed with their business. As well, we included last year’s data in the report to better visualise trends. And instead of delivering data in an Excel file, we now present data in a more professional BI-report with filters.’ Aart explains.

Can you tell a little more about Linde Consult developments?
Aart: ‘A lot has happened at Linde Consult since the release of the previous report. Earlier this year, two associates joined us, Bjarni Eiriksson and Gudjon Olafsson. Besides being business intelligence specialists, they are renowned experts in the FP&H Industry which has led to several successful projects and happy customers.’ Aart smiles appreciatively while talking about his colleagues. Then he continues:

‘Our product portfolio has grown. While still focusing on strategic advice, market research and project management for the Food Processing Industry we now offer powerful off-the-shelf lists, reports and dashboards based on our database that includes around 250 OEMs and over 60.000 Food Processors. That is approximately the complete market of supply and demand!’ he exclaims.

‘Our client base has also grown, for which we are grateful. Besides strategic teams, marketing teams and sales teams at OEMs, customers now include food processors, banks and investment companies that find our data, lists and strategic advice valuable.’

What’s next with Linde Consult and Food Processing Industry research?
‘We invested in a Microsoft BI solution enabling us to grant our customers access to (parts of) our database via user-friendly dashboards on their own customer area. Next time you order a marketing list or customised report, we most likely deliver it as an interactive list that is automatically updated when new information is added to the database.’ Aart explains enthusiastically.

‘The coming year our focus will be on continuously building the database, adding information, enriching it, and enhancing it to our customer’s benefit whether they need strategic advice, market research or market intelligence. We are also reviewing our business model and the various subscription options to cater to your needs and requirements.’