Seydelmann is Exhibiting High Efficiency Cutters and Grinders at Indagra and Meatmania


At Indagra in Bucharest, October 31 – November 3, 2013 and Meatmania in Sofia, November 7—10, 2013 MaschinenfabrikSeydelmann KG from Germany will be exhibiting several of its high efficiency machines for food processing. Seydelmann Cutters, Grindes, Mixers and Emulsifiers convince with their constant first-class performance and help produce highest quality products even with simple recipes. 

Seydelmann Grinders guarantee the clearest cut and a very efficient throughput for every material. The Universal Grinders easily process both fresh material and frozen meat blocks down to –25°C without changing the worm or cutting set. The drives for their feeding and working worms are frequency controlled and mostly wear and maintenance free. The six speeds of the working worm and the four speeds of the feeding worm can be pre-set steplessly via the control Command 500. 



The High Efficiency Grinder WD 114 and Automatic Grinder AD 114 are eminently suitable for grinding smaller batches. Both have a very strong working worm. The AD 114 is additionally equipped with a feeding worm. 

All Seydelmann Cutters with the AC 8 Drive produce finest emulsions due to the extremely high speeds of their knives. Thestepless drive uses up to 25% less energy and has six gears forward and 2 gears backward. The optional vacuum function ensures a longer shelf-life and lasting fresh look of the sausage due to a strong reduction of atmospheric oxygen in the cutter bowl. It, furthermore, leads to a better protein extraction, which improves the binding and stability of the end product. This way, the release of flavor essences is also increased and the taste of the sausage improved. 

Seydelmann representatives are happy to welcome you and offer detailed information on Seydelmann products during the show.