Russian Fish Processors Increased Fish and Mince Meat Production by 61.4% in January-November 2021

During 11 months of 2021, the increase in the upstream products by the fish processing plants was 15.5 ths tonnes, reaching 40.7 ths tonnes, according to the press service of the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency based on the data provided by the Russian Federal State Statistics Service.

Fish fillet production was 204,000 tonnes during the above mentioned period, which is by 23% more than in January-November of 2020. Russian fish processors increased the production of smoked fish and fillet by 3%, increasing the total production volume up to 59,000 tonnes.

The production growth led to the increase in the export figures. Russia exported 143.8 ths tonnes of fish fillet to foreign markets, which is by 38.5 ths tonnes more than in the previous year.

New plants built under the Investquote program provided excellent conditions for fish meat production, including minced fish, according to the data published by the press service of the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency. This program facilitated the launch of 21 out of 24 fish processing plants. The combined capacity of the new plants is about 3.3 mln tonnes of water bioresources. Another 8 out of 10 fish processing plants will be built in the Far East as part of the Investquote program.

Particularly, the new fish processing complex located on the Kurile island of Shikotan produces up to 100 tonnes of surimi minced meat a day and up to 50 tonnes of pollock fillet per year. The annual processing volume of the plant is 100,000 tonnes of fish.

On February 2-3, the VII International Conference “Fish. Aquaculture: Present and Future of the Industry” will be held in Saint Petersburg. The industry experts will present their reports on the current state of the industry at this conference. The participants will be able to conduct negotiations, meet their colleagues and expand the range of their business contacts.