Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation – Mr. Alexey Ulyukaev believes that Russian manufacturers need to increase not only the export of grain, but also the export of meat and meat products. 

Information Agency Finmarket writes that Mr. Ulyukaev declared this during the signing of an agreement for cooperation in the field of foreign trade with the Governor of Kursk region, Alexander Mikhailov. 

“Such cooperation is very important because it is a kind of economic lift that can bring out Russian enterprises to a new level,” commented on the agreement Mr. Ulyukayev. 

As an example, the Minister cited the Kursk division of Agro-Industrial Holding “Miratorg”. The Ministry of Economic Development helps the company to come out with their pork and beef to the Asian market.

“China is the world’s largest pork importer. We have to step on this market. We have to appear on the Korean meat market, we have to appear on the Vietnamese market, and so on. We will help them do it,” said Alexei Ulyukayev. “Why meat, not grain? Grain is also important, but the added value in the production of meat is more, because the cornmeal that we take out will be in those countries where we export it and they will use it for meat production. Therefore, grain export is the first stage, we are not going to leave. However, this first phase should be followed by another second phase – the massive export of our meat products.”

As it has been explained by the Minister, the first stage of support by The Ministry of Economic Development will be in terms of information and logistics. Trade offices in Asia will help the company to explore the market, establish the necessary communication links and relationships in these countries. They will also support the exhibition activities, etc. 

Source: www.meatinfo.ru