Revolutionary Portioning

Low pressure, high profit 

What do you do when you have developed best-performing, revolutionary portioning equipment? You make it even better! Since its conception in 1999, RevoPortioner has amassed a vast amount of knowledge and research, taking it from an innovative approach in portioning technology to a range of machines that provide the answer to many satisfied further processors across the globe. 

There is now even a new 3D-drum available for the RevoPortioner, literally giving portioning an extra dimension. The 3D-drum can make any products with a cylindrical shape, opening up endless possibilities for new creations. 

With the RevoPortioner from Marel Townsend Further Processing, you can make perfectly portioned products at low pressure, while retaining the texture and structure of your raw material. The consistent top-quality products are made without any leakage or product loss through an energy efficient process. All this with an unbeaten payback time. Too good to be true? 

Come and challenge us! On 6 and 7 May 2014, you can join our Poultry Portioning event at the fully-equipped DemoCenter, where various production processes will be showcased, demonstrating different types of Marel Townsend Further Processing cutting-edge technology. See the RevoPortioner live in action, hear more about its uniqueness and taste its attractive products!

The RevoPortioner can also be seen in action at our Fish Portioning Event in Boxmeer, the Netherlands on 8 May.