PRALLO® PROTEIN TECH The Key Ingredient for Optimising Costs and Stabilising Boiled Sausages

PRALLO® Protein Tech contains an innovative protein network. Due to new product attributes, the meat matrix of boiled sausage can be stabilised more effectively and thus also the cost-effectiveness can be increased. With PRALLO® Protein Tech, quality variations in the boiled sausage and semi-dry sausage production are reduced which leads to a more standardised outcome in the final product. The higher quality in binding when using PRALLO® Protein Tech is related to the unique mixture of proteins and transglutaminase and its obtained effective synergies.

  • Advantages:
    Efficient protein network for the stabilisation of a meat matrix
    Synergetic mixture out of high quality proteins and transglutaminase
    Provides and supports the meaty texture of final products
    Significant improvement in the final product’s slice ability
    Resistant to oxidation & no cooling needed. 