PINTRO Launches World’s First Fully Automatic Skewering Machine

Machine Builder SMO Introduces Brand-New Innovative PINTRO Pick & Skewer

Belgian machine builder SMO is currently putting the finishing touches to the world’s very first fully automatic skewering machine. The machine will be launched under the established PINTRO brand name and will be named Pick & Skewer. This machine will enable a single logistics worker to produce up to four thousand skewers, made up out of thirteen pieces of meat or vegetables, in just one hour.

Innovative machine made exclusively in Belgium
After many years of international experience abroad in the world of manual and semi-automatic machines for skewering meat and vegetables, PINTRO decided that the time was ripe to produce a machine that could do this fully automatically. Three years of R&D will soon result in the commissioning of the first Pick & Skewer at a leading European player.

The machine was developed, manufactured, and programmed completely in-house. A high yield, outstanding hygiene, ease of use, and a high-quality result are paramount in this fantastic example of Belgian craftsmanship.

Up to 95% savings on labour costs
You need only one logistics worker to supply one or more machines with meat, vegetables, and skewers. Once supplied, the machine can run autonomously for one hour. This means that a single operator can supply and keep three to four machines running at the same time. ‘This comes down to around 4,000 skewers per hour, which translates into up to 95% savings on labour costs’, explains Pieter Weyens, Head of the PINTRO Division.

The Pick & Skewer is a technical tour de force in which ease of operation is paramount. The vision system, in combination with a sophisticated grabber, ensures that every ingredient is placed onto the skewer in the right direction at every moment. The machine even considers the convex or concave side of various types of vegetables. A smart control system also allows for fast and easy alternating between recipes. The progress of the skewering operation, including any messages, is displayed on the operating panel of the machine and on the computer. The machine’s constant output allows for easy and efficient production planning.

This system also guarantees that any contact between human hands and the ingredients is kept to an absolute minimum. The self-cleaning function ensures that the machine is kept clean automatically and that the most important parts are disinfected. The result? An artisanal product and a consistent quality.