Of Mechanical Engineering Art and Rebranding at IFFA

At IFFA 2019, the family-run mechanical engineering company WEBOMATIC from Bochum presented award-winning handicraft solutions as well as process-optimizing applications for industry.

In the course of its 60th anniversary in 2018, the mechanical engineering company presented itself with a new logo, website and communication principles with the help of a rebranding. “The aim was to communicate more clearly the brand promise “Building trust since 1958″ and thus to make the real nature of what we do every day clearer to potential new customers,” says Nathalie Bonk-Kleinschmidt, the third generation of the family business. 

The new shrink tank ST 60 was awarded by the Fleischerei – Handwerk Award 2019 in the category “Packaging Technology”, which is designed for up to medium production volumes and shrink vacuum bags.  At IFFA, the ST 60 was presented with the duoMAT 650 double chamber machine and the FKT 800 bag filling device, creating a small, complete production line for craft businesses. Further plus points are the inclined inwards running edges and maximum product weight of 50 kg.

Highlights on the subject of process optimization were presented on thermoforming machines and tray sealers for craft and industry. For tray sealers, the well-known WEBOMATIC SCC (Single Cavity Control) is now available for all automatic tray sealers. So in the event of unforeseen faults, each tray cavity can be controlled separately so that the machine can continue production with the remaining cavities – without any machine downtime.

Also new was the quick changing device, which was shown as an example on the entry-level thermoformer ML-C 2600. The innovative quick changing device enables the sealing plates to be changed quickly with minimum machine downtimes. The system saves considerable time with just two format changes per shift and is mapped using a transfer frame and step-by-step guide over the PLC control unit. Another highlight available for all thermoforming machines was the integrated gas mixing function, which can be operated via the PLC control unit. This eliminates the need for an external gas mixer, as the supply of gases for MAP packaging is intelligently controlled via the thermoformers.

On the subject of new types of packaging, the semi-automatic TL 250 tray sealer was used as an example to demonstrate the Peelpaq® application: an innovative MAP variant that additionally saves up to 20% on plastic materials and packaging weight thanks to the lid integrated with the tray. This is embedded in the top film and is hermetically sealed during the packaging process. This allows the tray to be securely resealed after opening without the need for an additional lid. The application can take place on all WEBOMATIC tray sealers and is applicable both for craft and industrial packaging.

Another type of packaging was presented with the thermoforming shrink line on the ML-C 5600, which processes specific shrinkable thermoforming films. After being vacuum packed in the thermoformer, the product is conveyed through a shrinking unit in which the film tightly wraps around the product – without changing its shape. This prevents product juicing and prolongs shelf life. This application is an alternative to pouch packaging and is particularly suitable for similar product sizes and high production volumes.