The FSDS functions as a deep skinner of high quality fillets (e.g. salmon fillets) and also separates the fat from the skin. The principle:


Step 1: The fillet – with the skin downwards – runs through a mechanical skinning machine and will be skinned extremely thin with very low loss (Silver Skinning with a blunt blade or thin skinning with sharp a blade).

Step 2: The silver skinned fillet will be turned gently and safely through the new automatic NOCK turnover device.

Step 3: A NOCK Freeze Drum Skinner TFE with freeze drum technology and rotating band blade cuts the fat layer off the fillet with a very precise adjustable thickness. The deep skinned fillet leaves the system with the skinned side up.


Advantages of the NOCK Fish Skinning Defatting System FSDS:

  • Energy-efficient freeze drum
  • Recovery of the normally lost fat-meat-layer caused by deep skinning of salmon and white fish.
  • The fillets enter the machine with skin downwards and exit with the right side up = skinned side up: “Right side in, right side out!” Further processing can be carried out without manual turning.
  • Very gentle processing of the fillets.
  • Different skin thickness have no effect on the depth of the deep skinning which can always be controlled optimally.
  • Unique smooth fillet surface.

The NOCK Fish Skinning Defatting System FSDS is available both as single line (FSDS 350 SINGLE) as well as double line (FSDS 550 TWIN). The fillets can also pass the line unskinned or be skinned by only one machine. Each skinning machine can be used separately and is suitable for both deep skinning as well as thin skinning.