METALQUIMIA displayed at IFFA 2013 the new MULTIPLUS marinating lines for fresh meats (models Multiplus 360 and Multiplus 720), with a wide range of new features for optimal costs and functionality, greater injection precision and very high quality and consistency of fresh marinated products.

The new MULTIPLUS injectors for marinated products incorporate a spray-effect marinating head with an extremely high density of needles (up to 726 needles of 2 mm diameter and up to 2,904 injection points), controlled by an automatic adjustment device of the injection area. The new MULTIPLUS models permit higher injection speed, incorporating an easily-exchanged injection needle plate, a meat level sensor for optimal functioning and precision of injection, with special emphasis on safe, ergonomic and hygienic operation. In addition, the MULTIPLUS models incorporate new control and operation functions which guarantee constant marinating of unmatched quality throughout the working day.