ModularLoader to Northern France


The innovative ModularLoader that was on display at the IFFA exhibition in Frankfurt was no longer for sale as it had already been snapped up by Charcuterie des Flandres. The Belgium-based company has a production facility in Dunkirk, France. That is where the ModularLoader is headed after the IFFA.


Area Sales Manager Eric de Geest closed the deal with Philippe van Damme from Charcuterie des Flandres.


The ModularLoader is a completely automated continuous sausage tray loading system. It is a fully automatic fresh sausage loader that can handle a broad range of curved and straight sausages, including natural casing sausages. The ModularLoader ensures perfect product presentation and its high degree of automation contributes to the quality of the end product.


In the Northern French town of Dunkirk, the ModularLoader will enhance the production facility of Charcuterie des Flandres. The ModularLoader’s quality control Vision System consists of a scanner to prevent sausages that are out of specification from being packed, which guarantees only the desired sausages will be loaded into the trays.