„Miratorg” Launches a Sheep Breeding Farm in Tula Region

“Miratorg” launched a sheep breeding complex in Tula region. The company is finishing the construction of production facilities and starts populating the farm with animals.

In 2018, in Fatezhsky district of Kursk region, a pilot project for lamb production was launched which includes creation and development of a nuclear stock with high genetics, breeding stock maintenance, breeding and feeding of lambs for 4–6 months until they reach the weight of 45–55 kg.

The sheep breeding complex in Tula region is another step towards the implementation of the project of lamb industrial production. The plant’s capacity will allow it to maintain up to 50,000 sheep and produce up to 3.3 ths of live weight sheep per year. Currently, 4,000 heads of breeding stock were supplied to the farm. The animal breeding is implemented in closed facilities which guarantees a continuous veterinary control, strict observance of the food intake and high quality of meat.

About 100 employees will be working in the new plant.

Source: sfera.fm